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1.Tax-Advantaged Income. Rental income can be offset by the phantom expenses of “depreciation.” This accounting tool allows investors to pay less in tax on each  dollar of property distributions, thereby effectively increasing an investor’s after-tax income.
2.Strategic Use of Leverage. By raising initial investor equity for a project while securing a mortgage on the remainder, investors are positioned to receive their share of a property’s upside appreciation based on the total asset value over time. By obtaining such loans, investors can amplify their returns.
3.Economies of Scale. A group of investors have more purchasing power than an individual, thus creating a better opportunity to access, purchase and operate real estate at a discount.
4.Diversification and Security in Numbers. The fund will seek to acquire multiple properties in diverse locations, allowing our investors to mitigate their risk across a variety of local economies.
5.Limited Liability. Under the ownership and operational structure of a Limited Partnership, investors will enjoy limited liability, which mitigates their financial risk and reduces an investor’s exposure of potential loss or personal liability to only their invested capital, similar to the benefits enjoyed by corporate stockholders.
6.Peace of Mind. No management headaches or day-to-day responsibilities on the part of the investor. The investor is completely passive with none of the stress or concerns of asset and property management, simply receiving regular updates, distributions and financial reporting.
7.Team of Professional Advisors. Investments within this syndication will leverage years of experience among a team of two industry professionals, further reducing risk and increasing likelihood of success.
8.Multifamily Income Property. The steady income from multifamily real estate provides diversification and stability across market cycles. Investing in apartments provides the additional opportunity for equity creation by increasing revenue while simultaneously decreasing expenses and adding efficiencies.
9.New Construction. The firm will identify and acquire raw land for the development of residential properties. Those properties will be acquired in areas where the demand for newly constructed homes is present. The purpose of theose types of developements will be to generate a faster return on our investors capital than that which may be decured on a longer hold investment property.

Prospect Equity Partners

Our Investment  Services

We will help you expand your investment real estate portfolio ?

Careful Due Diligence


Our company sources properties and evaluates those properties based upon our pre-established buying criteria which meets our goals of either being a property to be bought and held for cash flow in  a niche market or a wholesale property which can be re-sold quickly at a profit

Eyes Wide-Open Analysis

We perform due diligence on the neighborhood. Neighboring properties are comped and rental rates are charted to determine where our property stands in relation to others.
Within the galaxy of niche properties, we will identify our preference and pursue carefully selected and analyzed properties which meet our pre-setablished  buying criteria

Off-Market Properties 

Our acquisition associates work diligently to provide you those properties which meet or exceed your buying criteria and niche market focus.  Those properties will be sourced from numerous methods to include listed properties as well as those which we identify through off-market means.

Skilled Negotiations Within Niche Markets

We are continuously looking at profitable niche rental markets.   Those niche markets can be, for example, any of the following:
 Garden style apartments,  Inner city apartment properties, Student Housing, Senior Housing, Hospital Personnel, Executive Rentals, Military Housing, Vacation Rentals……. to name a few

Niche Numbers define Success.  Preparing a business plan is the essence of an investment properties success. The numbers must be honest and make sense.  The numbers will divulge whether or not our business model makes sense and will meet our investors objectives

    Attractions to Real Estate Syndication Include:
1Specialized and Experienced Management Team. The General Partner       will organize, facilitate and oversee the project providing the expertise to locate unique investment opportunities, competitive financing, property operations, and ensuring the business plan is effectively executed to meet established performance objectives.
2. Compounding BenefitsReal estate yields should be viewed as more than simply net operating profits, as they provide the compounded benefits of: Return on Equity + Depreciation + Appreciation + Debt Reduction.