Hassle-free video creation
and sharing? Solved.

Composing War and Peace-length instructional e-mails? Not in 2019.

govidigo lets you create on-the-fly screen recordings directly from your browser – you can even annotate the screen as you talk. When you’re done, sharing is a breeze. Oh, and it’s totally free.

It’s rather simple…


Install the govidigo Chrome extension then hit the govidigo button in the top right of the browser


Select what you want to record – screen or camera, and whether to include your mic.


Make amazing, helpful videos. If you’re recording screen, you can annotate using the drawing tools.


Save and share your video with colleagues and team members or download the video file.

What is it?

Guide CORE is the (peerless) suite of software and teaching tools that underpins our sister companies, TuitionKit, ExamMarker, and Guide Teacher Training.

How it works

Guide CORE has been developed by some of the best educators in the world. It is used by teaching organizations, both private and public, from primary to universities.

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